Monday, November 12, 2012

Blame it on the fish

Entry in a vintage 1964 high school yearbook. Note that the pen (and apparently their relationship) changes halfway through the message.

To my Dearest [boy's name],

Hi! It has been lots of fun knowing going with you and I hope we never break up. We have had so much fun together. I will hate to see you leave me this summer when you go fishing. I think you are a wonderful guy and I am very glad that I am the lucky girl to go with you. Even though we do have fights it is worth it. Well I wish you all the luck in the following years to come. I will never forget you [boy's name] and I hope you will never forget me even though we do break up. Good luck with your fishing this summer. Hope you catch alot of fish. My one wish is that you are always happy. Be good and keep smiling.

Loves ya always, [girl's name]

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