Monday, October 10, 2011

Itchy Richard

Dear Barb

Itchy Richard made my head itch. I rilly liked it. It was relly funy. But I do not ander stand it. Why Richard has the nit in Richard head on the caver.

Dear Alli,

When I look closely at the picture, I see a white spot in Richard's hair, too. But he didn't have lice! Maybe it's a mistake from the illustrator. A nit is so small, it would be harder to see than the white dot on the cover.

It was a funny book, but I also learned a lot about lice! We know here at Island School that teasing people about having lice is not such a good idea. The lice could be on your head next.

Love, Barb

[Unfortunately, I'm not sure which Itchy Richard cover design Alli refers to, as there are several. I didn't see a white spot in Richard's hair on either of them, at least visible online.]

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