Monday, August 16, 2010

AT&T Long Lines

Just memories now.

For a brief history of AT&T Long Lines:


Donna Jane said...

Can you send me a jpg copy of this that I can enlarge? My husbands step-father may be in that picture. He worked night-shift at Long Lines in 1940s

Jeanne By Hand said...

Here's a URL to a larger version, Donna, that you can copy over to your computer. If you have any problems, let me know and I'll send it through email. I can't figure out how to make a link in a comment!

Also, I have a binder with lots of notes to the retiree. If you let me know your husband's stepfather's name, I'll check to see if he wrote anything.

Donna Jane said...

Thanks Jeanne. The names to look for are Gus Gulyban and Wanda Peterson. They both worked the night shift in the late 1940s. That's how they got together.

Jeanne By Hand said...

No luck finding Gus Gulyban or Wanda Peterson in the binder. But it is so amazing that the photo was taken in the Chicago office where your husband's relatives worked! Small world!

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