Friday, July 23, 2010

Trouble in paradise

This “love” note was found in a folder with other passive-aggressive writing addressed to both the Don Juan Special K (by his true first name) and a German girl. All misspellings are left as written in the original.

International Special K is a lover. Not a internation lover, but a lover of Honey which just happens to be me.

Althought he'll be a good international lover, but he does much better loving me. Special K gives me anything my heart desire and more. For this I'll try to please him and not tease him.

Cause you see Special K is my heart and I'm his heart and we can't live without each other.

Knowing this puts us ahead of any couple. Cause we got love and we show it at all times. Even when we are apart. As I said before we got love. Right Special K? Yeah Right.

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